Mckenna Grace Movies And TV Shows

Mckenna Grace Movies And TV Shows

Mckenna Grace is an exceptionally talented young actress who has established herself in both the film and television industries. With her remarkable skills and captivating performances, she has quickly become a rising star. In this article, we will delve into some of Mckenna Grace’s most notable movies and TV shows, showcasing her versatility and range as an actress.


1. Gifted (2017)

In the heartwarming film Gifted, Mckenna Grace portrays the character of Mary Adler, a young math prodigy caught in a custody battle between her uncle and grandmother. Mckenna’s performance as a highly intelligent and emotionally complex child garnered critical acclaim and demonstrated her ability to tackle challenging roles.

  • Mckenna Grace’s portrayal of Mary Adler showcased her ability to bring depth and authenticity to her characters. Her performance captured the vulnerability and maturity of a young prodigy, delivering a nuanced and captivating performance.
  • The chemistry between Mckenna and her co-stars, including Chris Evans and Octavia Spencer, further elevated the film’s emotional impact. Their interactions on screen created a compelling dynamic that resonated with audiences.
  • Gifted not only showcased Mckenna’s acting abilities but also highlighted her talent for portraying complex emotions. Her portrayal of Mary Adler’s internal struggles and determination to find her place in the world left a lasting impression on viewers.

2. Captain Marvel (2019)

Mckenna Grace had a memorable role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe blockbuster Captain Marvel. She portrayed the young Carol Danvers, the superheroine’s alter ego, in flashbacks that provided insight into the character’s past. Mckenna’s portrayal of a determined and brave young Carol showcased her ability to hold her own alongside seasoned actors.

  • Mckenna Grace’s performance as the young Carol Danvers was captivating and genuine. She effectively captured Carol’s spirit and determination, laying a strong foundation for Brie Larson’s portrayal of the character.
  • The flashbacks in Captain Marvel allowed Mckenna to shine as she seamlessly integrated herself into the film’s narrative. Her performance added depth to Carol Danvers’ backstory, providing crucial context for the audience.
  • Mckenna’s ability to embody Carol Danvers’ youthful energy and resilience made her scenes in Captain Marvel stand out. Her portrayal was a testament to her talent and added an extra layer of emotional depth to the film.

3. I, Tonya (2017)

In the biographical film I, Tonya, Mckenna Grace took on the role of young Tonya Harding, a figure skater involved in a highly publicized scandal. Her performance as a young Tonya captured the essence of the character and added depth to the overall narrative.

  • Mckenna Grace’s portrayal of young Tonya Harding was both captivating and haunting. She flawlessly embodied the spirit of a young girl caught in a tumultuous world, delivering a compelling performance that left a lasting impact.
  • Through her nuanced portrayal, Mckenna effectively conveyed the complexities of Tonya’s life, showcasing the character’s vulnerability and resilience. Her performance added a layer of emotional depth to the film, enhancing the audience’s understanding of Tonya’s journey.
  • Mckenna’s ability to portray Tonya’s determination and passion for figure skating made her performance memorable. Her on-screen presence and natural talent were key contributors to the film’s success.

4. Amityville: The Awakening (2017)

Mckenna Grace showcased her versatility in the horror film Amityville: The Awakening. She portrayed Juliet Walker, a young girl who moves into a haunted house with her family. Mckenna’s ability to convey fear and vulnerability made her performance stand out in this chilling film.

  • Mckenna Grace’s performance in Amityville: The Awakening demonstrated her ability to excel in the horror genre. She effectively portrayed Juliet’s fear and unease, immersing viewers in the suspenseful atmosphere of the film.
  • Her portrayal of Juliet Walker showcased Mckenna’s range as an actress. Despite her young age, she convincingly portrayed the emotional turmoil experienced by her character, capturing the audience’s attention with her raw talent.
  • Mckenna’s ability to convey vulnerability and innocence in the face of supernatural occurrences added depth to the film. Her performance contributed to the overall tension and suspense, making Amityville: The Awakening a memorable horror movie.

5. Troop Zero (2019)

In the heartwarming comedy-drama Troop Zero, Mckenna Grace played the lead role of Christmas Flint, a determined young girl with dreams of joining the Birdie Scouts. Her portrayal of Christmas’s unwavering spirit and resilience won the hearts of both critics and audiences alike.

  • Mckenna Grace’s performance as Christmas Flint was a standout in Troop Zero. She brought an infectious energy to the character, capturing the audience’s attention with her charisma and charm.
  • Her ability to convey Christmas’s determination and unwavering spirit made her performance captivating. Mckenna effortlessly portrayed the character’s growth and development, taking viewers on an emotional journey.
  • Mckenna’s talent for comedic timing added depth to the film’s lighter moments, balancing the heartfelt and humorous aspects of Troop Zero. Her performance showcased her versatility as an actress and her ability to bring characters to life.

TV Shows

1. Designated Survivor (2016-2019)

Mckenna Grace joined the cast of the political drama series Designated Survivor in 2016. She portrayed Penny Kirkman, the daughter of the President of the United States. Mckenna’s performance as the president’s daughter added depth to the show’s family dynamics and showcased her ability to excel in a recurring role.

  • Mckenna Grace’s portrayal of Penny Kirkman in Designated Survivor was a testament to her talent. She effectively captured the complexities of being the daughter of the President, portraying Penny as both resilient and vulnerable.
  • Her on-screen chemistry with the rest of the cast, including Kiefer Sutherland, further enhanced the show’s family dynamics. Mckenna’s performance brought authenticity to her character’s relationships, contributing to the overall believability of the series.
  • Mckenna’s ability to convey Penny’s growth and maturation throughout the series was commendable. She effectively portrayed the character’s journey from a young girl thrust into the spotlight to a resilient and independent young woman.

2. The Haunting of Hill House (2018)

Mckenna Grace made a memorable appearance in the Netflix horror series The Haunting of Hill House. She portrayed young Theo Crain, one of the siblings in the Crain family. Mckenna’s portrayal of young Theo was both haunting and emotionally charged, solidifying her status as a talented young actress.

  • Mckenna Grace’s performance as young Theo Crain in The Haunting of Hill House was exceptional. She effortlessly conveyed the character’s sensitivity and psychic abilities, bringing a sense of intrigue to the series.
  • Her portrayal of young Theo added depth to the show’s exploration of trauma and the supernatural. Mckenna’s ability to convey the character’s emotional journey made her scenes compelling and memorable.
  • Mckenna’s talent for capturing the nuances of her character’s emotions was evident throughout the series. Her performance contributed to the overall eerie atmosphere of The Haunting of Hill House, leaving a lasting impression on viewers.

3. Young Sheldon (2017-present)

In the popular sitcom Young Sheldon, Mckenna Grace guest-starred as Paige, a classmate of the titular character. Her performance in this comedic role showcased her versatility and ability to tackle different genres.

  • Mckenna Grace’s guest appearance as Paige in Young Sheldon was a delightful addition to the show. She effortlessly embraced the comedic aspects of the character, bringing a lighthearted energy to the series.
  • Her chemistry with the rest of the cast, particularly Iain Armitage, added depth to the show’s ensemble dynamic. Mckenna’s performance seamlessly integrated into the series, contributing to the overall comedic tone.
  • Mckenna’s ability to adapt to a comedic role further highlighted her versatility as an actress. Her portrayal of Paige showcased her ability to bring levity and humor to her characters, adding an extra layer of entertainment to Young Sheldon.

4. Fuller House (2016-2020)

Mckenna Grace had a recurring role in the beloved sitcom Fuller House. She portrayed Rose Harbenberger, the daughter of DJ’s best friend, Kimmy. Mckenna’s portrayal of Rose brought laughter and charm to the show, further highlighting her ability to captivate audiences.

  • Mckenna Grace’s portrayal of Rose Harbenberger in Fuller House was endearing and entertaining. She effortlessly embraced the character’s quirky personality, delivering comedic moments that resonated with viewers.
  • Her on-screen chemistry with the rest of the cast, including Candace Cameron Bure and Andrea Barber, added to the show’s nostalgic charm. Mckenna’s performance brought a fresh energy to the beloved sitcom, contributing to its continued success.
  • Mckenna’s ability to deliver comedic timing and bring out the best in her character made her performance in Fuller House memorable. Her portrayal of Rose added comedic relief and heartwarming moments to the series, solidifying her status as a talented young actress.


Mckenna Grace’s filmography is a testament to her talent and versatility as an actress. From heartwarming dramas to chilling horror films and popular TV shows, she has consistently proven that she is a force to be reckoned with. Mckenna continues to impress audiences with her exceptional performances and is undoubtedly a rising star in the entertainment industry.

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1. What are some of Mckenna Grace’s notable movies?

Mckenna Grace has starred in several notable movies, including Gifted (2017), Captain Marvel (2019), I, Tonya (2017), Amityville: The Awakening (2017), and Troop Zero (2019).

2. What role did Mckenna Grace play in Captain Marvel?

In Captain Marvel, Mckenna Grace played the young Carol Danvers, the alter ego of the superheroine, in flashbacks that revealed the character’s past.

3. Which TV show did Mckenna Grace join in 2016?

Mckenna Grace joined the cast of the political drama series Designated Survivor in 2016, where she portrayed the character Penny Kirkman, the daughter of the President of the United States.

4. What is Mckenna Grace’s role in the movie Troop Zero?

In the movie Troop Zero, Mckenna Grace played the lead role of Christmas Flint, a determined young girl who dreams of joining the Birdie Scouts.

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