Julie Andrews Movies And TV Shows

Julie Andrews Movies And TV Shows


Julie Andrews is a renowned British actress, singer, and author who has captivated audiences worldwide with her exceptional talent and charming persona. With a career spanning several decades, Andrews has become an iconic figure in the entertainment industry. In this article, we will explore some of her most notable movies and TV shows that have solidified her status as a true legend.


1. Mary Poppins (1964)

Mary Poppins is perhaps one of the most beloved movies of all time, and it catapulted Julie Andrews to international fame. Her portrayal of the magical nanny won her an Academy Award for Best Actress, making her a household name overnight. This enchanting musical combines live-action and animation to bring to life the adventures of Mary Poppins as she helps the Banks family rediscover the joy of childhood.

  • Andrews’ performance in Mary Poppins is nothing short of magical. Her ability to effortlessly transition between singing, dancing, and acting showcases her incredible talent and versatility as a performer.
  • The film’s timeless songs, such as A Spoonful of Sugar and Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, have become iconic and continue to be beloved by audiences of all ages.
  • Mary Poppins not only showcases Andrews’ exceptional vocal range and acting skills but also highlights her ability to connect with audiences on an emotional level. Her warmth and charisma bring depth to the character, making Mary Poppins a truly unforgettable film.

2. The Sound of Music (1965)

The Sound of Music is another timeless classic that showcases Julie Andrews’ incredible vocal range and acting prowess. She plays Maria, a young governess who brings music and love into the lives of the von Trapp family. This heartwarming musical features memorable songs like My Favorite Things and Do-Re-Mi and won five Academy Awards, including Best Picture.

  • Andrews’ performance in The Sound of Music is nothing short of extraordinary. Her crystal-clear voice and powerful delivery bring depth and emotion to each song, leaving a lasting impact on audiences.
  • The film’s breathtaking scenery and captivating storyline, based on the real-life von Trapp family, transport viewers to a world of beauty and resilience.
  • Andrews’ chemistry with her co-stars, particularly Christopher Plummer, adds an extra layer of depth to the film. Their on-screen relationship is filled with charm and genuine emotion, making The Sound of Music a true cinematic masterpiece.

3. Victor/Victoria (1982)

In Victor/Victoria, Andrews portrays Victoria Grant, a struggling singer who finds success by pretending to be a male female impersonator. This comedy-drama earned her yet another Academy Award nomination and showcased her versatility as both a singer and an actress. Andrews’ performance in this film highlights her ability to effortlessly transition between comedic and dramatic roles.

  • Victor/Victoria is a testament to Andrews’ exceptional acting skills. Her portrayal of Victoria Grant is both hilarious and poignant, capturing the complexities of the character’s journey.
  • The film’s exploration of gender identity and societal expectations is ahead of its time, and Andrews’ nuanced performance adds depth to the narrative.
  • Andrews’ chemistry with her co-stars, including James Garner and Robert Preston, adds an extra layer of charm and humor to the film. Their interactions on screen are filled with wit and sparkling energy, making Victor/Victoria a true delight to watch.

4. Thoroughly Modern Millie (1967)

Thoroughly Modern Millie is a delightful musical comedy that showcases Julie Andrews’ impeccable comedic timing. Set in the 1920s, the film follows Millie Dillmount (played by Andrews) as she arrives in New York City with dreams of marrying into wealth. Andrews’ charm and charisma shine through in this lighthearted film, making it a must-watch for fans of her work.

  • Andrews’ performance in Thoroughly Modern Millie is filled with infectious energy and wit. Her comedic timing is impeccable, bringing laughter and joy to every scene.
  • The film’s vibrant costumes and energetic dance numbers transport viewers to the glamorous world of the Roaring Twenties. Andrews’ captivating presence adds an extra layer of glamour to the film.
  • Thoroughly Modern Millie not only showcases Andrews’ comedic talents but also highlights her ability to tackle complex characters. Millie’s journey from a naive small-town girl to a confident and independent woman is portrayed with depth and authenticity by Andrews.

5. The Princess Diaries (2001)

The Princess Diaries introduced a whole new generation to the magic of Julie Andrews. In this heartwarming comedy, Andrews plays Queen Clarisse Renaldi of Genovia, who must guide her granddaughter, Mia Thermopolis (played by Anne Hathaway), as she navigates her newfound royal status. Andrews’ regal presence and wise demeanor make her the perfect fit for this role, and she brings a touch of elegance to the film.

  • Andrews’ portrayal of Queen Clarisse Renaldi in The Princess Diaries is the epitome of grace and sophistication. Her regal presence adds authenticity to the film’s royal setting and elevates the overall storytelling.
  • The film’s heartwarming message of self-discovery and embracing one’s true identity resonates with audiences of all ages. Andrews’ nuanced performance brings depth to the character of Queen Clarisse, as she guides Mia on her journey of self-acceptance.
  • Andrews’ chemistry with Anne Hathaway is a highlight of the film. Their on-screen relationship is filled with warmth and genuine affection, creating a believable bond between the characters.

TV Shows

1. Julie Andrews: The Sound of Christmas (1987)

Julie Andrews: The Sound of Christmas is a holiday special that showcases Andrews’ exceptional talent as a singer. In this festive show, she performs a variety of Christmas classics, spreading joy and cheer to audiences around the world. Andrews’ crystal-clear voice and warm stage presence make this TV special a must-watch during the holiday season.

  • Andrews’ performances in Julie Andrews: The Sound of Christmas are nothing short of breathtaking. Her rendition of beloved Christmas songs, such as Silent Night and O Holy Night, evokes a sense of nostalgia and fills the hearts of viewers with holiday spirit.
  • The TV special’s production values and set design create a magical atmosphere, transporting viewers to a winter wonderland. Andrews’ stage presence and genuine passion for the music further enhance the overall experience.
  • Julie Andrews: The Sound of Christmas is a perfect showcase of Andrews’ ability to connect with her audience through the power of music. Her performances are filled with emotion and artistry, leaving a lasting impression on viewers.

2. Julie’s Greenroom (2017)

Julie’s Greenroom is a Netflix original series that combines education and entertainment. Andrews plays Miss Julie, the director of a performing arts center, who interacts with a group of puppet children known as the Greenies. This show introduces young viewers to various aspects of the performing arts, promoting creativity and imagination. Andrews’ passion for the arts shines through in her role, inspiring children to pursue their dreams.

  • Julie’s Greenroom is a delightful and educational series that encourages children to explore their creativity and embrace the magic of the performing arts. Andrews’ portrayal of Miss Julie is filled with warmth and enthusiasm, making her the perfect mentor for the young viewers.
  • The show’s engaging storytelling and colorful puppet characters capture the imagination of children, while also providing valuable lessons about teamwork, perseverance, and self-expression.
  • Andrews’ genuine love for the performing arts is evident throughout the series. Her interactions with the Greenies and her dedication to nurturing their talents create a positive and inspiring environment for young viewers.

3. The Julie Andrews Hour (1972-1973)

The Julie Andrews Hour was a variety show that showcased Andrews’ versatility as a performer. Each episode featured musical performances, comedy sketches, and interviews with celebrity guests. This show provided a platform for Andrews to showcase her incredible singing talent and engaging personality, solidifying her status as a beloved entertainer.

  • The Julie Andrews Hour is a testament to Andrews’ ability to captivate audiences with her talent and charm. Her musical performances, ranging from Broadway show tunes to contemporary hits, are filled with passion and artistry.
  • The show’s comedy sketches, often featuring Andrews’ impeccable comedic timing, add a lighthearted and entertaining element to the series. Andrews’ ability to seamlessly transition between singing and comedy highlights her versatility as a performer.
  • The Julie Andrews Hour also served as a platform for Andrews to bring on celebrity guests, creating memorable moments of collaboration and camaraderie. These interviews and collaborations further showcased Andrews’ ability to connect with others and create a welcoming and engaging atmosphere.

4. Julie Andrews’ Collection of Poems, Songs, and Lullabies (1997)

In this TV special, Andrews invites viewers into her world of storytelling and music. Through a collection of poems, songs, and lullabies, she captivates audiences of all ages with her melodic voice and heartfelt delivery. Andrews’ ability to connect with her audience shines through in this intimate and enchanting TV show.

  • Julie Andrews’ Collection of Poems, Songs, and Lullabies is a beautiful showcase of Andrews’ talent as a storyteller and musician. Her soothing voice and poetic delivery create a calming and enchanting atmosphere, perfect for bedtime or moments of relaxation.
  • The TV special’s selection of poems and songs covers a wide range of emotions and themes, from lighthearted nursery rhymes to poignant ballads. Andrews’ ability to convey the essence of each piece with sincerity and emotion is truly captivating.
  • Andrews’ genuine love for storytelling and music is evident throughout the TV special. Her passion and enthusiasm resonate with viewers, creating a sense of connection and warmth.


Julie Andrews’ movies and TV shows have left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry. From her iconic roles in Mary Poppins and The Sound of Music to her captivating performances in Victor/Victoria and The Princess Diaries, Andrews has proven time and again why she is considered a true legend. Whether it’s through her enchanting voice, impeccable acting skills, or genuine charm, Andrews continues to captivate audiences of all ages. So, sit back, relax, and immerse yourself in the world of Julie Andrews as she takes you on a magical journey through her remarkable career.


1. Which movie launched Julie Andrews’ career and earned her an Academy Award for Best Actress?

  • Mary Poppins (1964)

2. What are some of Julie Andrews’ notable movies that showcase her vocal range and acting prowess?

  • The Sound of Music (1965)
  • Victor/Victoria (1982)
  • Thoroughly Modern Millie (1967)

3. In which movie does Julie Andrews play a struggling singer who finds success by pretending to be a male female impersonator?

  • Victor/Victoria (1982)

4. Which movie introduced Julie Andrews to a new generation of fans and featured her as Queen Clarisse Renaldi?

  • The Princess Diaries (2001)

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