Austin Butler Movies And TV Shows

Austin Butler is a talented American actor who has made a significant impact in both movies and TV shows. With his charming looks and versatile acting skills, Butler has managed to captivate audiences worldwide. In this article, we will explore some of his notable works and the characters he has portrayed.

Early Career and Breakthrough

Born on August 17, 1991, in Anaheim, California, Austin Butler developed a passion for acting from a young age. He began his career with small roles in various TV shows such as “Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide” and “Hannah Montana.” Despite starting with minor appearances, Butler’s talent and dedication soon caught the attention of industry insiders.

Butler’s breakthrough role came in the TV series “Switched at Birth,” where he portrayed the character of James “Wilke” Wilkerson. This role showcased his ability to bring depth and authenticity to his characters, earning him critical acclaim. His performance in this show opened doors to more significant opportunities in the world of entertainment.

Notable Movies

1. “The Dead Don’t Die” (2019)

  • Role: Jack
  • Genre: Comedy, Horror
  • Directed by: Jim Jarmusch

In this star-studded zombie comedy film, Austin Butler plays the character of Jack, a hipster who becomes a victim of the undead. “The Dead Don’t Die” showcases Butler’s comedic timing and ability to bring life to quirky characters.

2. “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” (2019)

  • Role: Tex Watson
  • Genre: Comedy, Drama
  • Directed by: Quentin Tarantino

Directed by the legendary Quentin Tarantino, this critically acclaimed film features Austin Butler as Tex Watson, a member of the Manson Family cult. Butler’s portrayal of Tex showcases his ability to immerse himself in complex and intense roles.

3. “Yoga Hosers” (2016)

  • Role: Hunter Calloway
  • Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Horror
  • Directed by: Kevin Smith

In this horror-comedy film, Butler plays Hunter Calloway, a yoga enthusiast who finds himself in a bizarre and supernatural adventure. “Yoga Hosers” demonstrates Butler’s versatility as an actor, as he effortlessly transitions between genres.

TV Shows and Series

1. “The Carrie Diaries” (2013-2014)

  • Role: Sebastian Kydd
  • Genre: Teen Drama
  • Created by: Amy B. Harris

Based on the novel by Candace Bushnell, “The Carrie Diaries” explores the life of a young Carrie Bradshaw before the events of “Sex and the City.” Austin Butler portrays Sebastian Kydd, Carrie’s love interest, with charm and charisma. His performance in this series solidified his place as a heartthrob among teenage audiences.

2. “Arrow” (2012-2020)

  • Role: Chase/Cupid
  • Genre: Superhero, Action
  • Created by: Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim, Andrew Kreisberg

In the popular TV series “Arrow,” Butler took on the dual role of Chase, a member of the Suicide Squad, and Cupid, a vigilante with an obsession for the Green Arrow. His portrayal of these complex characters showcased his ability to deliver compelling performances in action-packed shows.

3. “The Shannara Chronicles” (2016-2017)

  • Role: Wil Ohmsford
  • Genre: Fantasy, Adventure
  • Created by: Alfred Gough, Miles Millar

Based on the popular fantasy novels by Terry Brooks, “The Shannara Chronicles” follows the journey of Wil Ohmsford, played by Austin Butler. Wil is a half-human, half-elf who embarks on a quest to save the Four Lands from an impending demon army. Butler’s portrayal of Wil captures the character’s vulnerability and growth throughout the series.


Austin Butler’s impressive filmography showcases his versatility and talent as an actor. Whether it’s the big screen or the small screen, Butler has proven his ability to bring characters to life and keep audiences engaged. From his breakthrough role in “Switched at Birth” to his memorable performances in movies like “The Dead Don’t Die” and “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,” Butler continues to leave a lasting impression on viewers worldwide. Keep an eye out for his future projects, as he is undoubtedly a rising star in the entertainment industry.


Q: What was Austin Butler’s breakthrough role?
A: Austin Butler’s breakthrough role was in the TV series Switched at Birth, where he portrayed the character of James Wilke Wilkerson.

Q: What is one notable movie in which Austin Butler has appeared?
A: One notable movie in which Austin Butler has appeared is Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2019), directed by Quentin Tarantino.

Q: What is Austin Butler’s role in the movie Once Upon a Time in Hollywood?
A: Austin Butler portrays the character of Tex Watson, a member of the Manson Family cult, in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

Q: Which TV show features Austin Butler as Sebastian Kydd?
A: The TV show The Carrie Diaries (2013-2014) features Austin Butler as Sebastian Kydd.

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